Translation Services


  • Infinity Languages Translation Services

    We deliver high-quality and well-researched English translations of your French, German and Spanish texts. Whether you need a one-page document translating or have a large, on-going project, we understand the importance of providing you with an accurate, timely and cost-effective translation service. We combine our linguistic ability with the latest translation technologies, including translation memory, terminology management and glossary tools, to lower costs, accelerate the translation process and ensure accuracy and consistency across your projects. We also provide certified translation services which are often required when translating legal documents.

  • Infinity Localisation Service

    Localisation is the process of making your content resonate with your target audience by adapting it to conform with local linguistic and cultural norms. Our localisation service allows you to effectively communicate your brand message and products in a way that is familiar to your target market. This may include converting numeric content to local requirements (such as currency, units of measurement and date and time formats), adapting graphical elements (such as colours, layout and images) and considering traditional cultural practices and religious beliefs.

  • Infinity Tuition Services

    Sometimes it is not enough to simply translate your content. Slogans and websites can become lost in translation and may fail to achieve the desired effect in the target market. Transcreation, or copywriting, is the process of adapting your branded content so that it resonates with the local audience, while preserving the style and essence of the original copy. Infinity's transcreation service helps to connect you to your target audience by creating unique copy which is culturally relevant and has the same impact as the original.

  • Infinity Engligh Language Services

    Our editing service helps to improve the quality and accuracy of your text by verifying facts, identifying mistranslations and omissions and ensuring that the correct terminology has been used. During this process we will consult specialised dictionaries and glossaries in addition to any reference materials which you supply to us such as your terminology glossaries and style guides. We provide bilingual editing checks of translated texts and monolingual editing checks of texts written by non-language professionals.

  • Infinity French Language Services

    Our proofreading service ensures that your text is free of spelling, grammatical, punctuation and formatting errors. During this process we will ask you to supply us with reference materials such as your company's style guides and glossaries to ensure consistency with your in-house style and terminology. Proofreading is the final quality check performed on a text and is therefore strongly recommended for published texts such as marketing materials, websites, brochures etc. We are happy to proofread any document for you, even if we didn't translate it. This includes original texts written by non-language professionals or translated texts.


Below are the main sectors we serve and some of the most common types of projects we handle. If your sector or subject matter isn't listed, please get in touch.

  • Infinity Translation Services
    Legal & Professional

    Statutory, Compliance, Commercial, Police & Courts.

  • Infinity Interpreting Service

    Fincancial Services, Wealth Management, Insurance Policies.

  • Infinity Tuition Services
    Retail & eCommerce

    Food & Beverages, Cosmetics & Beauty, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Home Furnishings, Toys & Games, Office Supplies.

  • Infinity Engligh Language Services

    Gambling Licence Applications, Compliance, Commercial, eLearning & Corporate Training.

  • Infinity French Language Services
    Official Documents

    Personal Identification, Address Verification, Academic Certificates, CVs & Resumés.